Meet Troy

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Troy Dygert, and I’m a lifelong resident of the town of Southport, having grown up in Pine City. After graduating from Elmira High School, I attended the University at Buffalo and earned a degree in finance. Viewing Chemung County as a special place, I decided to return to the area to join my family’s stone quarry and rock crushing company. I currently live in Pine City with my girlfriend, Emily.

Troy Dygert
Troy and Emily

Community involvement is a very important to me. I currently serve on the town of Southport planning board. I am running for county legislature because I believe our county is at a crossroads. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen monumental shifts in our country in terms of the economy and population shifts. I believe Chemung County can emerge from the pandemic as a strong and growing community with the right policies in place. I believe in this area and I believe my generation needs to step up and do its part to grow the county and help it develop.

In a few short months I’ll be circulating my petition to run for the Chemung County Legislature in the 14th District. I believe in creating a district and county that is inviting to our next generation of residents while maintaining the things that make our community great. I believe that starts with a strong fiscal policy that lowers the cost of living, welcomes new business and fosters an entrepreneurial environment. I’m looking forward to meeting with you in the coming months to discuss my vision on how we can make the entire legislature a more cohesive and productive unit to make, not only the 14th District, but the entire county a better place to live, work and raise a family.


  • Maintain a strong fiscal policy while looking at ways to cut costs and modernize governmental systems
  • Create a county that is encourages entrepreneurship and creates welcoming environment for businesses
  • Enact term limits for the county legislature and county executive to maintain a steady flow of new ideas in the county government
  • Create policies that encourage economic growth and development
  • Hold the line or lower on property taxes to lower the cost of living
  • Eliminate redundancies in the county government and look at ways to invest in technology to lower costs
  • Review county legislature pay and health insurance
  • Maintain and enhance the welcoming community environment that has been fostered by previous generations


Simply fill out the following form to receive a yard sign to show your support for my campaign.  I greatly appreciate your support!

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